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Podcast & Portable Media Expo (PME) 2006 - Friday Summary

Ning Brings DIY Video, Photos, and Groups To The Table

During a session at eTech 2006, the interesting site Ning! jumped on to the radar screen as a very interesting way to build your own DIY customized application sites that might need a database structure to hold the specific data you cared about.  Like What's Cuter? or Restaurant Reviews.

These 'applications' are clonable.  So, you can sign up and borrow the 'Restaurant Reviews' template so to speak and make a new site called "San Diego Restaurant Reviews' and have all the features that is currenting available now in your site with absolutely no additional work.  Pretty nice.

So ... the folks at Ning! have recently announced three new social websites you can come and borrow for your own: Ning Video, Ning Photos, and Ning Group. Definitely something worth checking out!   

I think the Group template would be something every podcaster not currently reaching out to their listeners in an interactive way should consider.


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