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I was recently approached by PhoneCasting.com about putting my podcasts on their mobile phone focused network.  It is pretty clear my intentions on my current podcasts - TechNewsRadio.com and JerseyBoysPodcast - they are both licensed Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike v2.5.  So I just sent them email that all they need to do is abide by the license, and then they could do whatever they liked.

From a quick look at the PhoneCasting.com site.  It appears the RSS and the iTunes feeds are re-generated feeds that PhoneCasting.com is hosting.  It also looks like they are re-hosting the MP3 files. 

I could be wrong, but that is my initial assessment.  I think that will in general go over very poorly in the podcast community, especially for any podcast currently in a network.

This "re-hosting" though may be part of the general industry-wide mobile phone distribution technology challenges looking to send down to the phone a more mobile network and device friendly content.  In that case, podcasters are going to have to get use to this idea or decide not to participate.


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