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Vital Podcasts Goes Into Beta Mode

Vital Podcasts (beta) has announced via the Yahoo Podcast Mailing List they are looking for more testers of their "100% free podcast hosting service."  The most recent new features implemented include:

  • Create podcasts
  • manage episodes
  • RSS generator
  • Delivering of media files

If you are very new to podcasting and don't yet have a host or want to push off as much technical implementation to your host provider as possible, then Vital Podcasts might be a good site to evaluate. 

If you have an existing podcast, they are offering a directory, so you'll want to go over an reserve your name space.

This segment of the podcast marketplace is extremely competitive and full of alternative options.  Things should start shaking out over the next six months.  I'm not sure TechCrunch's DeadPool is going to be paying that much attention to the 'small podcast directory/hosting efforts' online but they will start dropping off sooner than later IMHO.  The marketplace will be very different by next Podcast & Portable Media Expo 2007.


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