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New Version of Audacity v1.3.9 (Beta) Released - Free Audio Production Tool

The Audacity Team recently announced the release of Audacity 1.3.9 (Beta) for Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix.

Audacity is a very popular open source audio editing tool.

This release contains many bug fixes contributed by two Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2009 students, and brings the team much closer to the goal of a new stable 2.0 release.

The the previous release of Audacity was version 1.3.8 back on July 17th, 2009.  Between these two releases are fixes for:

  • VST &  Nyquest plugins;
  • fixes for Launch issues with Windows XP;
  • Several Mac OS X specific fixes with QuickTime and AAC file format;
  • Considerable user interface updates to windows, menus, tracks, spectrum analysis, VU Meters, and multi-track projects;
  • Improvements to effects like equalization and noise removal; and
  • Updated Help resources

Related to getting to a very stable v2.0 release is the announced plan to have one or two more beta releases and then a full v2.0 release. All in all these respective version 1.3 betas have been relatively stable and what I have been using day to day for all my audio production for the last year or so.


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