Don't Forget Print Content In The New Media World

This afternoon I was trying to find a potential project to do with my two boys this weekend, and ran into an article that I had bookmarked in MAKE:12 but forgot to blog about.

The article was by Kevin Kelly and it was entitled "Book Yourself: Innovative options enable you to publish your own text and pictures."  It is a great DIY how-to on publishing your own book either by doing batch printing or print on demand.

If you are interested in batch printing (~250+ copies) check out:

And if you are looking for a print on demand publishing model, then you should check out:

The article also mentioned the option of ebook publishing using the site They provide a service to sell downloadable items such as: ebooks, software, music, movies, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms, files, etc.

The most interesting thing about the article was that Kevin did a little test where he wanted to make $1.50 a purchase no matter what medium or method.  He sold them on Amazon for $9 (using B&W batch printing), then on Lulu for $27 (color print on demand), and then as a $2 PDF version on  In the end he sold 10x the number via digital than print, but still made the same amount per transaction.  Neat!

NME 2007 Pointers: Technorama, Podcasting for Dummies, GeekCred, Flickr, FIT Roundtable

Here is a first round of post New Media Expo (NME) 2007 pointers:

Podcast Catchup - Web 2.0, NAB, New Media Book

I really enjoyed VentureCast#21 that included reviews of Web 2.0, NAB, and an update on what is going on at Six Apart.

I also have to recommend Chris Gondek's Invisible Hand Podcast interview with Philip Meza about his book "Coming Attractions: Hollywood, High Tech, and the Future of Entertainment".

New Podcast Book In The Works - Tee Morris Enlists Talent

Tee Morris (sci-fi author with many podcast books and co-author of Podcasting for Dummies) is assembling voices (including several members of from all over the world for his latest podiobook production -- Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword (press).

The launch date for  the first installment of the Billibub Baddings podcast is St. Valentine‚Äôs Day, February 14, 2007.

The podcast is free and available on iTunes, Podcast Pickle, Yahoo! Podcasts, Podiobooks, and other podcast directories.

Introduction To Podcasting Resource

InformIT has published a very good introduction to podcasting written by Bart Farkas.  You'll have to register to read the complete article and comment on the article.  From what I read, it seems pretty complete for an introduction to podcasting.

The gear recommendations section has a several items that I personally have in my podcasting toolkit.